How To Survive Even The Roughest Of Senior Years

The Internet is full of thoughts and opinions talking about the struggles college seniors face as they complete their last assignments before graduation. Being in the position now, I can vouch for the fact that it is one of the strangest, unexplainable feelings I’ve ever had to deal with.

One side of me says, all I want is to be done and applying for jobs, and the other still gets twinges of sadness as I drive on campus thinking about the day when I’ll be doing it for the last time. Luckily I am not there yet, and I have yet to have a mental breakdown so allow me to share some advice on how to survive even the roughest of senior years.

  1. Don’t over exaggerate – Yes, your classes are harder than they were freshman year, and yes the group projects are as awful as everyone says, but don’t over exaggerate. Keep things in proportion. It helps your sweet mind relax and keeps you as level-headed as possible. And trust me, when the barista at Starbucks tries your life and puts whipped cream on your non-fat White Mocha, that’s important.
  2. Break things down – This is a life saver. When you are feeling overwhelmed, compartmentalize it all and transform tasks into bite size pieces. Cross them off one at a time as you complete the parts and treat yourself when you’re done. (Food works wonders for treats BTW)
  3. Plan – Even if it is just going through what needs to be done and saying them out loud. It helps to get your brain into work mode and it reminds you what you have to get done today.
  4. Make lists – Everything runs smoother when you know what’s going on. For me, this is accomplished by making lists; lists for groceries, lists of homework assignments, list of clothes that can’t go into the dryer, anything and everything can be filed into list form!
  5. Worry about what you can control – Don’t stress yourself out about things that you have no control over. This is a lot easier said than done, and I am the first to admit that I find it hard to release control but it’s imperative if you want to avoid periodic panic attacks. Trust me, I learned the hard way! Although I hate group projects and they DRIVE ME INSANE, I’ve learned not to obsess and have in-turn lowered my expectations of anything spectacular coming from my group mates. Here’s the quote to live by, “It is what it is.”
  6. Make the most of your time – Let me clarify. Procrastination will always be King, but clearing a time slot in your day where the possibility of completing work can happen is what’s important. Make the most of your time, or procrastinate as long as you please but make a time slot so procrastination can skip rocks and jump over rainbows freely.
  7. Find your release – For me, it’s crafting and pretending I know what I’m doing at the gym. Sometimes you need to get out of your apartment/away from your friends and have a chance to breathe. Life is hard and you deserve some time for yourself to let out all of your frustrations.
  8. Don’t get involved with unnecessary drama – Need I say more?
  9. Start to make decisions about life after college – Ok, “decisions” is a bit strong. Maybe just start to ponder what you think you might want from life following college. Maybe you could make a list? (lol)
  10. Enjoy the stress – It sounds contradictory but enjoy the fact that you are busy and have enough going on to keep you occupied. The success that comes from graduating wouldn’t be as satisfying if it weren’t for the stress and heartache we all go through.

We will get there soon enough, and although I’ll miss it, I will be ready!


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