This Heartwarming Video Challenges Your Image Of Dads

Thought Catalog

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but dads have changed quite a bit over the last generation. Like a LOT. The only problem — so it seems — is that there’s still a bunch of old-fashioned stereotypes of dads that show up in media. And pop culture. And maybe with you. So here’s an unscientific test to see where your head is when it comes to your image of fathers. Scoring’s not required. Thinking is.

1. You see a dad pushing a grocery cart — complete with a kid strapped in the child carrier. It’s 2:00 on a Tuesday. Do you assume he’s unemployed?

2. You notice a 30-something year old guy watching kids at a local playground. Is your first thought that he’s up to no good?

3. You watch a dad being portrayed in one of your favorite TV comedies. He’s domestically challenged and can’t figure out how…

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