The 7 Stages Of Having Your Article Published on Thought Catalog


Thought Catalog

If life is about the small victories this could definitely be considered one of mine because there’s a certain little rush in finally being published. Yet, even though you feel proud, excited, and honored (who doesn’t love a little peer validation?!) it’s not all 1000 “likes” and instant viral success; it’s all a little less glamorous than that. From my minimal experience as a Thought Catalog contributor, here is my take on what happens after you “go live.”

1. Surprise.

There I am, there is my name and some random picture to go with the whole theme of my piece that I most definitely did not chose. This is awesome. I can’t believe anyone else other than my mother thinks this is worth reading. OMG there is my picture at the bottom (note to self, pick a better selfie pic next time) with my funny little 3rd person bio. Wow…

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