The 6 Most Motivational Commencement Speeches Of All Time

Thought Catalog

It happens slowly, and then all at once. The feeling of treading water while slogging through the quicksand that are pre-requisites and extra curriculars; a year full of resume builders and last minute service learning hours. “Junioritis” is quoted as “the condition of knowing that homework is important, but not wanting to do it because you’re sick of doing homework and/or group projects,” and it has completely taken over my life.

Why do I mention this? Well, because graduation season is upon us, and for a Junior like me, this means watching from the sidelines as all of my wonderfully successful friends shake hands with Presidents and strut across the stage while their parents, siblings and cousins, twelfth removed, scream some unrecognizable things to get the graduate’s attention for pictures.

While I stay in my lane and skip rocks in the limbo that is Junior year, I am not ashamed…

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