15 Things We Need to Give Up Our Expectations For

Do you ever feel yourself getting your hopes up for things that always turn out in the same dreary fashion? I wrote a list of 15 things that we all need to stop having expectations for.

  1. Your latest DIY “mom jean to high waisted shorts” find, from Goodwill.
  2. The cute, extravagant cupcake recipe you found on Pinterest. (a la Cookie Monster cupcakes)
  3. The lifespan of your Apple iPhone charger.
  4. Getting the Oompa Lumpa makeup stain off of the only shirt left in your size, at Forever21.
  5. Any hope of getting the thigh gap; it’s better to not have one anyway…you’re one step closer to being a mermaid.
  6. The amount of money the bookstore will give you after selling back your overpriced textbooks.
  7. Expecting a meteoric rise in you GPA any time soon.
  8. Group. Projects.
  9. Those leggings you love are see-through. As much as you don’t want them to be.
  10. Allergies in Spring; this year will be just as bad.
  11. That unheard of-straight to DVD movie you found on Netflix.
  12. Your upstairs neighbors….they will always be loud and annoying.
  13. Dribbling toothpaste on your brand new outfit.
  14. Or spilling anything that is red in color on your new white shirt.
  15. The “fashionable” graphic print with donuts on it from H&M you desperately want to be cute.

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