16 Things We Forget To Thank Our Dads For

Thought Catalog

Not everyone gets to have a great relationship with their dad, and that’s all the more reason to appreciate him if you do. Here, the little things we should thank the dads who’ve been there for us for. Though buying him a beer would probably be something along the lines of the same sentiment.

1. For getting us started on what would become our lifelong sports obsessions.

2. For playing cool music in the car and teaching us what was up and who was who in terms of artists, genres and bands. We all eventually find ourselves with a playlist of songs dad used to play, not because they make us nostalgic, but because they’re actually really good.

3. For being the first love of every little girl’s life. The one that teaches her to slow dance, and tells her he’ll always protect her, and who will walk her down the aisle one…

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