55 Things I’ve Learned From College…So Far

  1. Not everyone is going to be your best friend.
  2. Avoid gossiping with these ^^ people.
  3. There is no limit to who you can be friends/friendly with.
  4. Because of this you will find yourself being close with a lot of different “groups”
  5. Remember, not everyone has your best interest at heart.
  6. Not everyone cares if you’re happy…or miserable for that matter.
  7. People will burn you, it’s all about how you handle the metaphorical “application of aloe”, afterwards.
  8. People change, that person you knew freshman year has changed and gone through things, just like you have.
  9. Embrace freshman year, be annoying, be loud, make friends.
  10. Put. Yourself. Out. There.
  11. When you get hungry in the “wee” hours of the morning, order the pizza.
  12. E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e has that crazy roommate.
  13. Own it. Whatever it is that makes you, you, OWN IT. *cue Drake song* *cue Beyoncé’s “Flawless”, I WOKE UP LIKE THIS*
  14. Fall in love with the boy.
  15. Be more concerned with your own happiness than others’ opinions of you.
  16. Enjoy living in Freshman/Communal Housing.
  17. Be silly.
  18. Learn how to cook….even if it is just grilled cheese and Ramen.
  19. Lose the daily sweatpants/yoga pants outfit. Dress up and notice how much better you feel about yourself. People will notice your new glow.
  20. Don’t wish away your downtime.
  21. Do something out of your comfort zone.
  22. Let go of the high school years, it’s a new chapter.
  23. Don’t let other’s accomplishments discourage you from your journey.
  24. Let your friends and others teach you about yourself.
  25. Don’t say “yes” to something just because you don’t want to say “no”.
  26. Enjoy your social life but don’t let it cloud your sight of the finish line.
  27. Set goals/challenges for yourself.
  28. Find your quiet/stress free place.
  29. It’s okay to work your way through college.
  30. Don’t waste your time with people who put you down in order to boost their esteem.
  31. Help people who can’t help you, whenever you can.
  32. Don’t expect constant praise from anyone.
  33. ALWAYS dance when “Danza Kuduro” comes on.
  34. “Shameless Saturdays” with your roommates don’t last forever, love every second of it.
  35. It’s always better to be known for the content of your character than your recent shenanigans.
  36. Don’t burn bridges.
  37. Just because your parents aren’t around doesn’t mean you should go wild and be “that girl”.
  38. Repeat after me, A-L-W-A-Y-S do the extra credit.
  39. Group Projects will forever suck.
  40. Target and GoodWill have some great clothes.
  41. Vow to always watch trashy TV on Sunday nights.
  42. Salt Water is the cure for everything; sweat, tears or the sea.
  43. Chipotle is better than Moe’s.
  44. Anything that is “Diablo” flavored is something your stomach will not appreciate later.
  45. Ratchet shouldn’t be the first adjective used to describe you.
  46. But at the same time NEVER be ashamed to rap every word of that 2 Chainz song.
  47. Laugh always.
  48. Eat lots of cookies.
  49. Everyone cares about themselves more than they do about you. Embrace it, it gives you more time for you to love yourself.
  50. It’s okay to fall over…or trip…or fall down the stairs in the parking garage…
  51. Never stop playing R.Kelly’s “Ignition Remix”.
  52. Stay up late with your friends.
  53. If you have the choice ALWAYS be Olivia Pope.
  54. Be open minded.
  55. You never know how much a compliment changes someone’s day.

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