Stop Apologizing For Your Actions

Yep, you read that right. Stop apologizing for yourself…unless you really should because you made that girl cry or you didn’t hold the door open for the person behind you. (just a head’s up, you should always hold the door open for the person behind you). Here’s a list of things that you should stop saying “sorry” for.

1. You’ve been gone all weekend and your food decided to take a vacation too – It’s ok to confront your crazy roommate about your perfectly crafted, chicken tender Pub Sub, that mysteriously decided to disappear from your fridge shelf. Seriously, that thing was perfectly crafted and you have every right to cry about it… shame in your game, girl.

2. It’s ok if you don’t swoon over all the frat boys on campus. – Sorry boys, I’m looking for a little more than six kegs and a White Trash Bash themed Friday night. It’s ok to have standards and no, it doesn’t make you some uppity-witch. There are a lot of great guys out there but the ones that need to blackout every weekend and can’t remember if your name is “Heather” or “Tracy” probably aren’t the ones worth fawning over. Boys, be the gentlemen your mothers raised you to be, she knows what girls want……she’s a nice lady.

3. It’s ok to actually think your 8 A.M. class is interesting – Or any other class for that matter, and there’s nothing wrong with throwing your phone in your bag, closing the “Pinterest” tab on your laptop, taking notes and participating in class. Really, it’s ok to be interested in what you’re learning. Shocking, I know. Why do you think Professors have a “Participation” grade section on your syllabus?

4. It’s ok if you enjoy learning and being present in class – If you think balancing chemical equations is fun, do you! If you have an opinion about a social issue, say it! Chances are you’ll never see that creepy kid with the extreme hatred for everything ever again. Speak your mind, intelligence is sexy!

5. It’s ok if your boyfriend/girlfriend is your best friend…and it’s ok if they’re not. – The notion that you can’t enjoy spending time with your significant other more than your friends is ridiculous! Seriously where did that come from? Last time I checked you can spend time with whoever you want. Stop apologizing for making yourself happy.

6. It’s ok if you don’t want to be a doctor – And it’s ok if you do, props to those that do ’cause bodily fluids and sick people Creep. Me. Out. It doesn’t make you any less intelligent if you want to be in the medical field or you want to go into Communications. It may be the “major that you switch to when you fail Bio” or it might be everything that you’ve dreamed of doing for your career. Either way, choose something that makes you happy and more importantly, makes you get out of bed for class.

7. It’s ok to not post your every move on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter – Have you heard about this? It may just be some urban myth but apparently you don’t actually have to inform the world where you are and what you’re doing every millisecond. Employers and most Grad Schools ask for your Twitter/Facebook URL when you apply and you really don’t want their first impression of you to be a video of you twerking to “Ayy Ladies”

8. It’s ok to say “No” – Fear Of Missing Out is a real thing, but it’s ok to have that fear, and take a night off from your friends or social functions. Now, I’m not saying turn down everything and neglect your friends, but sometimes you need a night to catch up on everything and get back on track. Whether it’s for school, to spend time with your roomies or call your Mom to see how she’s doing, you’ll appreciate your “night off” the next day.

9. It’s ok to watch the News – I already know what you’re thinking and I am aware that this is an unpopular opinion. Being informed on world/national issues is never a bad thing. If half us were more interested in the poverty and inequality that goes on daily instead of signing a petition to deport Justin Bieber, the country would have no choice but to progress.

10. It’s ok to feel/be different – In my twenty-one years of my life “different” has been synonymous with “weird”. We should all aim to be the best that we can be and we should welcome those who are stand out or do things differently from us. We are all different!


2 thoughts on “Stop Apologizing For Your Actions

  1. Awesome job! Sure sign that you are a strong, independant woman who is comfortable in your own skin, and that’s beautiful!

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